Toy Fair 2011: Shocker Toys Unviels 2011 Line-Up


Shocker Toys will be bringing a lot of Anime to their two most popular toy lines, name the Spotlight series and Mallows, as well as continuing to expand them. Here are the details as revealed in New York as well as a few images.

Indie Spotlight
The 6 inch scaled, super posable action figure series with characters ripped from the pages of your favorite independent comic books returns! Indie Spotlight Series 2 with The Tick, Dick Tracy, Ignacia, King Zombie and Jack Staff are on their way to our warehouse and will be ready to ship in no time. Indie Spotlight Series 3 with The Phantom, Zorro, Nira-X, Fist of Justice and Grendel, as well as variants for The Phantom and Grendel, will be next on deck. Indie Spotlight action figure 2 packs are on the way as well featuring Captain Action/ Madman and Lazerman/ Zen. Rounding out these lines, Shocker Toys pays respect to the comic heroes that started it all with a Golden Age action figure line featuring Dan Garret The Blue Beetle, The DareDevil, The Arrow, The Black Terror and The Heap with variants for The Heap and DareDevil!

Anime Spotlight
Just as Indie Spotlight brings together great heroes from several different comic companies into one powerful series, Anime Spotlight will unite the legendary characters of VIZ, Toei and Funimation for the first time anywhere. Figures will be 6 inch scaled (according to their proper heights) and packed with articulation allowing your favorite characters to pull off the signature poses they are known for. We also wanted the Anime Spotlight action figures to be as unique as their animated counterparts, so we chose key facial expressions for standard and alternate heads that capture the attitude of each character perfectly. Anime Spotlight Series 1 (pending approvals) will include

- Narutos Kakashi Hatake (VIZ) with a variant swapping his head and hands to become Iruka Umino
- Bleachs Ichigo Kurosaki (VIZ) with a variant allowing for season 1 and 2 looks as well as battle damage
- Death Notes L (VIZ)
- Doctor Slumps The Monster (Toei)
- One Pieces Nico Robin (Funimation)
- 2 pack with Narutos Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka (VIZ)

Shocker Toys posable stylized figure can be found painted as your favorite characters from cartoons, anime and comics or blank to leave the possibilities in your hands.

Blank Mallows Come in black or white each packed with two arm extension pieces, a sword and a gun. Its a posable action figure and blank canvas all in one! With the perfect surface for paint or markers, you can make your wild creations a reality.

Anime Mallows After the success of our One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Mallow, it was clear you want MORE! Who are we to argue? Coming in 2011 (pending approvals)

- Narutos Naruto Uzumaki(VIZ)
- Bleachs Kon (VIZ)
- Death Notes Rem (VIZ)
- Vampire Knights Kaname Kuran (VIZ)
- One Pieces Roronoa Zoro (Funimation)
- Doctor Slumps Arele-Chan (Toei)
- Galaxy Express 999s Conductor (Toei)
- Saint Seiya the Hades Andromeda Shun (Toei)
- Bobobo-bo Bo-bobos Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (say that 5 times fast) (Toei)
- Fist of the North Stars Raoh (Toei)
- Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhoods Alphonse Elric (Funimation)
- Dragon Ball Zs Goku (Funimation)
- Soul Eaters Soul Evans (Funimation)

American Greetings Mallows Characters from your childhood and modern cartoons come to life in this new Mallow figure line. Series 1 includes

- Madballs Slobulous
- Sushi Packs Wasabi
- My Pet Monster

Monster in my Pocket Mallows Another blast from the past coming to our Mallow figure line. Further details coming soon.

Shocker Toys will be producing a Retro Mallow of DMC sporting his iconic look with Run DMC. We will also be producing a 6 inch action figure modeled after his appearance in an upcoming comic book.

  • Tspain

    this guy dedfive trolls the net has had all of his accounts on youtube deleted so pay him no mind. The Mr. Gone figure was a FREE mail away and they said it was shipping to all customers when Series2 arrives. Arthur wil be sent out when they start to get the UPCs in I would assume. This guy cries that the company dosen't get products out on time but then tries to destroy their name on every news post so that stores won't pick up their goods. Do you all see a connection here?

    • Eric Reiter

      Hi Geoff.

      How are the 2010 exclusives that people paid for NINE MONTHS AGO coming? Are you actually going to get them out before the Comic Con?
      Got anymore photoshopped prototypes to pretend to sell?

      Tspain now, huh? Well I am still the same person. You can call me Wedge, or Eric or whatever you want.

      I will continue to tell people about how you take money for figs and then don't deliver. It's not legal to have people invest in your business without letting them know they are investors.
      When you take a bunch of money, to finance your business, and then only release a small amount of product to those that hassle you enough to get it…that's called a ponzi scheme.

      What you should do is get investors, then create a line that is made up of TWO decent figures. Then when the figs are produced you sell them and pay back the investors. That's the legal way.

  • Dedfive

    When is the exclusive Mr. Gone figure going to be released. This company has promised this figure if you bought all of Indie Spotlight 1 figures and was a mail in exclusive. Now they are promising an Arthur exclusive figure. The delay has been YEARS. The excuses have been many. I just can't take this company seriously.