Warehouse 13 Season 3 Finale Changes Everything


“EMILY LAKE” and “STAND” Air Monday, October 3 at 9:00 PM on Syfy

Walter Sykes’ vendetta against the Warehouse and the Regents comes to a head with dire consequences for everyone. That’s the basic premise of the two-part season 3 finale of Warehouse 13, but there is so much more going on. Part one, “Emily Lake” reveals a secret of the Regents that could be cruel or compassionate, depending on your point of view. And it ends with one of the most heartbreaking moments of the entire season as something truly terrible happens to a favorite character. “Stand” continues the story and gets even darker as the story begun at the beginning of the season comes to a tragic and devastating conclusion. If I’m making it sound like these two episodes are dark and dire, it’s only so that you will be prepared for a more serious kind of Warehouse 13 than we’ve seen. In a lot of ways, this finale is somewhat reminiscent of the end of the first season, but played out on a grander canvas. But in many, many ways, this may be the best acting and writing to date on an otherwise superb show. The creators and actors pulled out all the stops here to give us a riveting two hours of television.

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Storywise, we get a dramatic conclusion to all of this year’s plot threads and I am very impressed that the writers pulled no punches. There are hard choices made by our characters every step of the way and the show does not shy away from giving us major consequences. In particular, the usually jovial Pete makes a logical decision early on that, has it worked, would have ended Sykes’ revenge before it lead to the ensuing death and destruction. And make no mistake, we say goodbye to several characters, some of whom are near and dear. And then we end with something very momentous. I am trying to avoid major spoilers, but the end really is a game-changing. However, amongst all the bleakness lies a small sliver of hope, something from a small scene from the second episode of season two.

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As far as the acting, everyone in these two episodes brings their A game. Of particular note is Allison Scagliotti who just knocks it out of the park. She takes Claudia from the happiest high to depressingly low in a short time and you feel it every step of the way. I almost wonder if she and the rest of the cast were given full versions of the script prior to shooting, because their reactions to certain events are so genuine that they superbly sell them emotionally. In many ways, several characters are forced to go places mentally and emotionally that they usually don’t and the actors show their uncomfortableness with Emmy-worthy finesse.

I can’t stress enough that you won’t see everything coming, even with my meager teases. Warehouse 13 elevates itself to a whole new creative and dramatic level in this season finale and I look forward to seeing how this informs the fourth season next year.

Five teases:

* A final gift from an ex-partner may hold the key to salvation…

* Steve Jinks has a secret…

* A favorite character actor makes their Warehouse 13 debut…

* Beware Claudia’s rage…

* H. G. definitely regains Pete’s implicit trust…twice…

BONUS TEASE: * …12…13…14?

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