Copper Ups The Ante For Episode Two

The second episode of a new series is as important as the first, possible more so. This is where we find out if the pilot was just a fluke and if the show has the writing and acting chops to keep its audience. In a lot of ways, the second episode can make or break a show. Fortunately, Copper takes the setup from episode one and blows the lid off it, in a rather spectacular fashion. The BBC America description for the episode is this: Corcoran receives a lead on a figure from his past who may have information about the loss of his family. What he learns does little to ease his mind and only raises more questions. Meanwhile, Annie Reilly’s pursuers become brutally violent in their search for the child, forcing Corcoran and his team to come up with a plan for her safety. In the mansions of Uptown New York, Robert Morehouse strives to please his father, Norbert, who wishes to purchase the entire Five Points.

Someone who may know a thing or two about the murder of Kevin Corcoran’s daughter and the disappearance of his wife returns to town, but the inevitable confrontation doesn’t go as expected, both for the man and Kevin’s fists. In general, uncomfortable things happen to a few people in this episode, including Detective Corcoran. Actually, Corky really gets the smackdown and it all revolves around little Annie Reilly. However, everyone seems to drastically underestimate the resolve of Corcoran and his team to protect Annie and insure her safety in the future. When conventional means don’t work, well, let’s just say they take matters into their own hands. Mr. Haverford, after smugly evading being linked to Annie’s sister’s murder, finds life might not be so comfortable anymore. He might be able to fool the police, for the most part, but his wife, Elizabeth, knows his habits and Robert Morehouse finds a way to hit him where it hurts by threatening his prestige. All of this culminates in a resolution that I promise you won’t see coming. I am still sort in shock and awe over it all, but it may just have solidified this show as my current favorite (after Doctor Who, of course).

I’m hooked on this show and really intrigued on where things are heading. There are hints of a secret shared by several characters, a solidifying of loyalties and added depth to many people this episode as well as exceptional writing. Kevin Corcoran may just be the most intriguing TV character to come along since Vic Mackey. While Copper is by no means a rehashing of The Shield, it feels like a spiritual successor to the earlier, ground-breaking series. This season will go by all too fast and I anticipate a renewal order from BBC America post haste. Sunday nights is already a crowded night for quality television, but I recommend you DVR everything else and watch Copper live.

“Husbands and Fathers” airs Sunday, August 26 at 10:00 PM on BBC America.