Exclusive: MAJOR SPOILERS For Star Trek Into Darkness!


With less than two months to go before the release of Star Trek Into Darkness more and more information is beginning to eke out, whether via official channels, folks that have screened footage, extrapolations based on the previous two or by insiders who are now working on other projects. It is by one of those means (we’ve been asked not to give any details) that we bring you the below, exclusive spoilers. I can say that this is a confirmed, trusted source for Pop Culture Zoo, so make of it what you will.

We’ve been told that Benedict Cumberbatch is not playing Khan, Gary Mitchell or Garth of Izar, as has previously been reported, but rather the son of Harry Mudd. The film will reveal, during its second half, that he chose his name, Harrison, because he’s “Harry’s son.” And he’s also an android, from the planet of androids that Mudd found in the Original Series episode “I, Mudd” (further linking the reboot universe to the original timeline)–he’s the new Norman. Furthermore, the identity of the character being played by Joseph Gatt has also been revealed to us. Early reports cited him as playing someone called “GATT 2000”, but this was never explained, leaving fans confused. We now know that he will be #2,000 in the GATT android series. And those cryogenic chambers from the early trailer? They’re android creation machines. The latter spoiler explains the presence of Harriet Mudd in the Into Darkness prequel comic IDW is currently producing, as well as Harrison’s increased strength in the trailers. Our source was more vague on whether we would see Harry Mudd himself in the film, but that we would “learn of his fate” before the end credits rolled. Speaking of the end credits, our source strongly advised everyone to remain in their seats until the credits are done. While we were given no specific details, there were hints that there will indeed be a bonus scene. As to what that will be, I was told to re-watch the final episode of Enterprise for a hint. Pop Culture Zoo is attempting to verify this last part further before we speculate on what this could mean, but have an idea that this might be a huge game-changer for the Trek film series as a whole.

More to come!

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