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George R. R. Martin Ends A Song Of Ice And Fire, Announces Sequel Series


Today author George R. R. Martin made the startling announcement that he would be bringing his long-running political/fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire to an end. However, it appears that this does not mean that book six, The Winds of Winter, is finished, but rather that he has already completed the seventh book, A Dream of Spring, well ahead of schedule.

“I just got to the point where I said, ‘screw it, it’s time to end this,'” said Martin in a statement. “I was already over three thousand pages into Winter with no end in sight and decided to just jump ahead and write the end. The words to Spring came to me amazingly fast and before I knew the it I had written the entire ending. At only 300 pages it will be the shortest of the series, but should provide a very satisfying ending.”

Martin’s publisher is currently readying the finale book for a late Spring release, perhaps as early as May first. The author hasn’t given up on The Winds of Winter, though. Currently, plans call for the sixth book in the series to be turned into it’s own seven-book series called Flashbacks of Ice and Fire.

Martin explains: “With the novel now at 3500 pages, plus two new point of view characters that I added to the last book needing their own chapters and the addition of a framing sequence…well, you can see how it could easily be its own series, right? As to when it will be finished, I still refuse to put any sort of estimate on that, but I will say the publisher is interested in celebrating the original series’ 20th anniversary with something new. That would be 2016, so we’ll see.”

A Dream of Spring will contain a preview of the new series with a modest ten chapters reported to be in the paperback edition, which will hit shelves in time for Christmas. How this will affect the hit HBO series, which began its third season this week, remains to be seen, but already rumors are swirling that they have a device in place to introduce an alternate reality to the show, allowing them to continue on however they see fit for the next 8 seasons before using the ending of Spring in a massive 22 episode season 12.

This is really crazy news and we are still trying to digest it all. We’ll have more for you possibly as early as tomorrow, but for now we have an EXCLUSIVE look at the cover to A Dream of Spring. It’s spoiler-filled, but you can check it out by clicking here!